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This search covers the following types of outstanding sanitation liens:  mowing tall grass or weeds, removal of trash or junk and solid waste clean up.  For questions, please call 336-747-6957.

If there is a question regarding "pending" sanitation liens, please call Community Development at 336-734-1257.

Sanitation Lien Process

After the Community Development Department ("CD") inspects a parcel and finds that a property owner is in violation of having tall grass/weeds, has solid waste left by the curb adjacent to the property or on the property or has accumulated junk or trash in violation of city code, they will send the property owner a notification to correct the violation.  If the property owner does not correct the violation within the time period specified in the notice, CD will correct the violation and invoice the property owner. 

The City of Winston-Salem Revenue Division ("Revenue") manages billing and collection of all invoices issued.  Revenue mails a copy of the invoice to the property owner.  If after 60 days the invoice remains unpaid, the charges are sent to the Forsyth County Tax office and are recorded as a tax lien against the property where the violation occurred. The sanitation lien does not have to be recorded at the tax office to be a valid lien.  The lien attaches at the time the violation is corrected.  Additionally, the lien attaches to all other property owned by the person in default within the city limits or within one mile thereof, except the person’s primary residence (unless the primary residence is where the violation occurred).

When land is sold or changes ownership, sanitation lien research should be performed against ALL parcels owned by that person(s) and the balance of ALL liens which have attached to the property being transferred should be collected at the closing sale.  This requirement is stated in North Carolina General Statute Section 160A-193.

What about sanitation liens recorded against a parcel in a different name other than the current owner?

Sanitation liens remain as a lien against the property.  The current owner is responsible for all sanitation liens recorded against their property. 

What are "pending" sanitation liens?

Pending sanitation liens are when CD has performed grass mowing, junk or trash removal or solid waste clean up at the curb and not yet billed for that service.  To confirm any possible pending sanitation liens, contact CD at 336-734-1257

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